FAM's mission is to improve the quality of life for youth, and families with youth, that are facing life-threatening challenges. FAM is a non-profit organization that seeks to be that friend for those who really need one. It is specifically focused on mentoring young adults with mental health challenges and providing micro-grants to families that are caring for children with a life threatening illness.
FAM is best known for our hospital and home visits. To see a child’s face light up as they dig through their FAM gift package is our joy. Also, many parents sacrifice so much by staying at their child’s bedside during treatments, so we recognize their love and dedication by providing gift packages filled with much needed personal hygiene and other comfort items.

FAM also knows the financial strain medical treatments can have on a family. That is why, upon qualifying a need, we offer micro-grants to assist with household bills, car repairs, lodging and other expenses that do not stop because a family member needs love and attention.

Whether it is helping to fulfill a wish of a child in treatment or offering support for families in mourning, we seek to be there in ways that really matter.
Finding A Meaning
Our world can seem like a storm of meaningless information, imagery and choices. That is why helping youth find and maintain their mental health is one of our primary goals.

FAM actually started out as people spontaneously connecting through social networks and sharing their experiences with anxiety and insecurity. We have grown into a non-judgmental and supportive community of people that listen and help each other keep our minds right.

We offer individual and group mentoring programs, speaking engagements, workshops, online and mobile chat groups, and peer-to-peer networking. Also, privately funded micro-grants for select mental health treatments may be available for those that qualify.

For many, the storm can be overwhelming, but FAM believes that the minds of today’s youth is the best place to build a stronger world.
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